Take Care of Your Heart From the Start

Teen Take Heart™ is an evidence-based cardiovascular health promotion and disease prevention program for high-school students. The program aims to promote wellness and mitigate risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD) through a series of in-class instructional, and hands-on web- and kit-based lessons organized into four learning modules.

Teen Take Heart

The program incorporates the sciences of anatomy, physiology, and disease pathology, into engaging learning sessions to promote heart-healthy lifestyle choices, based on current best practice standards.

Students have opportunities to ask questions, plan and conduct an investigation, test a design, record and analyze data, apply scientific reasoning, develop, revise, and/or use a model to predict relationships, apply algebra, critically read scientific literature, and write explanatory narrations, throughout the integrative curriculum.

Students will discuss and implement lifestyle changes/personal behaviors that support heart health. Students learn to apply concepts with parents & community by creating and implementing culturally relevant community outreach.

Healthy Heart Ambassador

The program is targeted toward underserved/under resourced communities at high risk for cardiovascular disease. High school students are coached to serve as Healthy Heart Ambassadors to their community; organize and lead outreach events; and connect individuals, families, and communities to health-related resources.

Additionally, exposure to health career options are embedded in the program and discussed throughout the students’ interactions with Teen Take Heart.

Each of the four Teen Take Heart modules have a dedicated “kit” of materials for that module. The four modules can be paced according to the needs of the class and are intended to be delivered over a 4-6 week period. Each module and corresponding kit was designed using the latest evidence-based information. 

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Source: Teen Take Heart